Welcome to AAF Jackson!

This is the 66th year of AAF Jackson, and I am committed to showing you the value of our collective club. We are diligently working to find regional and national speakers for our nine luncheons, but AAF Jackson should be more than just great programming. With the unique skill set that each of us possess, we have an opportunity to have an impact on the community itself. We are partnering with the Mississippi Burn Foundation to provide marketing/advertising services to help make a difference for survivors across our wonderful state.

Beyond this initiative, we plan to include more social events and fundraisers that bring our club together. If we are communicating and networking outside of our luncheons, we will be able to build better relationships with our advertising partners. And last but not least, we plan to produce the best ADDYS Show you’ve ever seen.

None of this is possible without continued support, and so we thank you for being a part of this club (not a member yet? Join us!).

Jonathan Pettus
President, AAF Jackson 2015-2016


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