Find or Be Found: Marketing in the Age of Social Media

Joe Stradinger
Founder, Leadify – Jackson/Palo Alto

The reality for business today is that consumer traffic has shifted to social media where people want conversation not ads. Social is a great alternative to paid search and Google AdWords, but it is also complex and changes daily. How do you navigate the complex social landscape, engage in authentic conversation, and successfully market your business all at the same time?

This presentation will give you a game plan for handling social media. We’ll explore how to craft appropriate messages on social media, highlight some important benefits of a social presence, and review case studies of effective marketing campaigns. We will take a look at the right ingredients for social media message and how to monitor and respond to follower comments. We will also look at some of the benefits for social, such as: brand awareness, reach, and the potential for gaining powerful business intelligence. Finally, we’ll explore Case Studies of companies like the Viking Corporation and HomeAway/VRBO, who are shining examples of successful social media marketing.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Gain insight into the value of Social Branding including how to Find and Engage customers.
  • Understand basic formula of designing and implementing an effective social media strategy.
  • Understanding of the true ROI of social media. Tips on how the social networks really work.

Joe is the founder of Leadify, the Find Engine. Leadify is a fully managed service for businesses around Social Branding. Leadify creates, deploys and measures social messaging for clients around what makes a business special. As an entrepreneur, Joe has founded several companies including which was the first company to sell music online in the late 1990s. Joe also consults with brands and executive teams including Viking Range, the New Orleans Saints, and HomeAway/VRBO on leveraging social through throughout the entire business operations.

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