AAF Jackson Hosts Kelly McDonald

In addition to the fall TV previews from Fox40/My35 and WAPT, the August membership meeting featured Kelly McDonald, from McDonald Marketing in Dallas, Texas. Kelly has been with us before educating us about marketing to people who are not like us and bringing us excellent information about diversity and effectively reaching these market segments. Kelly’s presentation at this meeting was much-needed and incredibly insightful. The information she presented is sure to affect all us and the way we do our jobs today and into the future.

If you were not at the meeting, here’s a little bit about what you missed:

The 2010 Census numbers are in and the findings are startling and profound. One in three Americans is not White. Four states have “minority majority” populations. Young people increasingly are opting not to get married. Asians have the highest household income of any race or ethnicity. Rural communities are losing population fast. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that you understand the changing demographics of the communities and groups you serve. How can you best serve a local community or organization if you don’t know what your community looks like today? This presentation focused on why changing demographics and diversity are business opportunities and how these changes affect your business today and tomorrow.

You can learn much more in her book, “How to Market to People Not Like You”.

If you purchased her book at the presentation, tell us what you think so far!

»Download a copy of her presentation

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